Spaniards FC launches their new website which opens a new channel of communication between the team and its followers. We are glad that this website is finally real and we want to welcome you all.

Spaniards FC is an amateur team, and it has been growing since it was established in 2012 by a bunch of Spanish immigrants. It has been a long way and it has involved a lot of work by many people united by their passion, football.

If your passion is football too, you live in London and you want to be part of an amazing community, feel free to drop us a line to or talk to us by Facebook, and you can come for a trial. We train every Tuesday in Leyton Score Center (100 Oliver Rd, London E10 5JY) from 19:30 to 21:30, and play every Saturday with kick off time being at 14:00.

The main requirement is commitment, if you you are not a very good footballer but highly committed, you might make it to the team. If you are an amazing footballer but not committed, you will never make it. We are a bunch of friends before anything else, but of course we want to win and keep on growing.

Once you have been selected, we can talk about fees and how Spaniards will change your life, not only as an amateur footballer, but also in a personal level. Vamos Spaniards!

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